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      VBC - a CBSE institution,

      We are the best School
      We are the best School

      Why do you need to choose the CBSE curriculum?

      Velammal Bodhi Campus: A Leading Choice for Quality CBSE Education among the other CBSE Schools in Kumbakonam

      Are you in search of the best provider of CBSE curriculum in Kumbakonam? Your search ends at Velammal Bodhi Campus , The ultimate school among the best CBSE schools in Kumbakonam.

      We at Velammal Bodhi Campus follow a unique strategy in providing the best and quality education system to our students. We do this in a well structured approach

      Reasons to Choose Velammal as the Premier CBSE School among the CBSE schools in Kumbakonam

      Hostel Facilities

      Being the top among the best CBSE schools in Kumbakonam, our hostel amenities prioritise students' comfort and convenience. From spacious, well-furnished rooms to modern conveniences, we ensure a delightful and comfortable stay for your child.

      Superior Infrastructure

      We take immense pride in our outstanding infrastructure, featuring smart classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, and recreational spaces. Our campus is thoughtfully designed to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

      Food Quality

      We are considered as the best among the CBSE schools in Kumbakonam as we give high priority to the health and well-being of our students. Our dining services provide nutritious and delectable meals crafted from the finest ingredients. We cater to various dietary preferences, guaranteeing that students enjoy wholesome and high-quality food.

      Learning Atmosphere

      We are deeply committed to nurturing an environment that encourages focused and productive study sessions. Our serene and well-maintained campus, complemented by quiet study zones, encourages academic excellence.

      Our commitment to technology integration ensures that students have access to cutting-edge tools and resources to support their learning.


      Our library stands as a repository of knowledge, housing an extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources. It offers students a vast array of academic materials to support their research and studies. Our dedicated library staff is always available to assist with research needs.

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      If you aspire to provide your child with an education that goes beyond the ordinary, Velammal is the clear choice among CBSE schools in Kumbakonam

      Explore our school campus, experience our top-notch facilities, and witness the difference.

      Discover the difference at Velammal Bodhi Campus – where education meets excellence.

      From modest beginnings to becoming accomplished champions, we render an educational environment where young minds can achieve real-world success beyond their wildest challenges.
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