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      Our Vision as a best school in Ponneri

      We are the best School
      We are the best School

      Our Mission

      Velammal - The Best School in Ponneri’s key principles

      Unmatched Infrastructure and Facilities: Why We Are the Pinnacle Among CBSE Schools in Ponneri

      When it comes to selecting the finest and best schools in Ponneri, it's essential to consider the quality of infrastructure and the facilities offered. Velammal Bodhi Campus takes immense pride in setting the gold standard in this regard, distinguishing us as the top choice among CBSE schools in the region.

      Our Infrastructure

      Modern Classrooms

      Our classrooms are equipped with modern technology and designed to foster a conducive learning environment.

      Scientific Labs

      We offer well-equipped labs to encourage hands-on learning in the fields of science and technology.


      Our extensive library boasts a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources to support a culture of reading and research.

      Sports Facilities

      We understand the importance of physical fitness and have top-notch sports facilities, including grounds and courts for various sports.

      Auditorium and Cultural Spaces

      Our spacious auditorium and cultural spaces provide the ideal platform for artistic and cultural pursuits.

      Hostel Accommodations

      For students who require boarding facilities, our comfortable and secure hostels offer a home away from home.


      We ensure safe and reliable transportation services for our students' convenience.


      Our cafeteria serves nutritious meals, catering to the dietary needs of our students.

      What makes Velammal stand out as the Best School in Ponneri?


      Our Key Facilities

      Medical Care

      We prioritize the health and well-being of our students and provide access to medical facilities within the campus.


      Our campus is equipped with top-notch security measures to ensure the safety of every student.

      Extracurricular Spaces

      We have dedicated areas for extracurricular activities, encouraging students to explore their talents.

      Wi-Fi Connectivity

      We offer seamless internet connectivity to support research and digital learning.

      Eco-Friendly Initiatives

      Velammal Bodhi Campus is committed to sustainability, with eco-friendly practices integrated into our daily operations.

      Parental Engagement

      We facilitate strong parent-teacher communication and involvement in the educational journey which acts as a pivotal element of the child’s development.

      Join us today in securing the brightest future for your intelligent child.

      From modest beginnings to becoming accomplished champions, we render an educational environment where young minds can achieve real-world success beyond their wildest challenges.
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